What does SINNERS stand for?

SINNERS stands for: Social Insects iN the North-EastRegionS. It is the result of several weeks of intense thinking by Chris Reid, one of the founders of this meeting.


Who is the SINNERS meeting for?

The Northeast US is fortunate to have a concentration of world class labs working on social insects. The SINNERS meetings primarily serve as informal, bi-annual gatherings to bring these labs together to share their research and foster collaboration. 


Previous meetings were hosted by the Swarm Lab at NJIT and the Kronauer Lab at  Rockefeller University. The upcoming third meeting of SINNERS is being hosted by the Laboratory of Shelley Berger at the University of Pennsylvania. 


When is the meeting?

SINNERS 3 will be held on Wednesday, 28 May 2014 (two days after Memorial Day). On Thursday, 29 May there will be optional (and highly recommended) workshops and time for further discussion.


Where is the meeting?

SINNERS 3 will be held in the Smilow Center for Translational Research, part of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. See the Getting There page for more information.

What will happen at this meeting?

We are planning on a dozen or so 20-minute presentations (talk + Q&A), with an emaphsis on methods for behavioral analysis in eusocial insects. Any presentation format is acceptable (slides, chalk talk, demo), even multiple presenters if you like, and students, postdocs or professors may present. 


Thursday Workshops

Optional workshops will be offered to meeting participants on Thursday, 29 May. If you would like to host a workshop, let us know when you register. We will provide rooms and presentation resources.



Breakfast and dinner will be provided at the meeting on the 28th. During our lunch break, we welcome everyone to stretch their legs for a campus walk and to take advantage of the popular food truck options. The school year will be over, so lines should be much shorter!